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American Dream Collection


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Lincoln in the Rotunda $200.00

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Lincoln in the Rotunda

Lincoln in the Rotunda, American Dream Series, Hand-tinted photograph by Bennett Hall, c-print reproduction, about 3 made in this size, image is...
Studio Inventory
Awakening Mannequins $3,000.00

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Awakening Mannequins

Awakening Mannequins Hand-tinted photograph by Bennett Hall 2/2 image is about 10 x 13" framed in died Italian veneer profile by Nurre Caxton...
Bennett Hall Studio Inventory
Flag, Footballs, and Balloons $5,000.00

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Flag, Footballs, and Balloons

Flag, Footballs, and Balloons Harrisberg, PA July 3,1976 Hand-tinted Solarized Gelatin Silver Print by Bennett Hall 1/1 images is about 13 x 10"...
Bennett Hall Studio Inventory

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