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World Wide Archive publishes high resolution digitally mastered prints from historical photography, illustration and artwork from around the world. Being based in the San Francisco Bay area, we have an extensive collection from the this area and California in general.  Additionally, we curated images from around the country, Europe, Asia, Australia, and other locations.  Materials are organized by location and subject matter and theme.

By purchasing a print through this site, you are acquiring it directly from the studio and founding artist Bennett Hall.  Hall oversees the production of each image personally and ensures its quality, certifies it as original, and signs the edition. You can obtain our images through other  "print on demand" affiliates of ours, however signed pieces are not available, nor are they studio certified. We are not saying our partners do not produce great work, they do.  We state this so that you can understand the difference and options.  Notable the choice to work with us directly enables you to have a more personalized piece, limited editions, access original content not available elsewhere, and if you are interested in a custom project, the opportunity to make a special order precisely to your specifications.

We offer archival digital prints suitable for exhibition in commercial environments and home decor. Hand-tinted items and photography and art by our Creative Director and curator Bennett Hall are available as signed limited editions. Custom orders framed and unframed are available to your specifications.

The Gallery Collection
You will also find our collection of one of a kind pieces which span 30 years of development by artist Bennett Hall and his creative projects. Most pieces are one of a kind, and are often available at special discounts. 

Vintage Albumens and Silver Prints:
We collect rare and vintage albumen, silver prints and other historical memorabilia. Our collection has evolved over 30 years, and we always interested in new materials and trading in pieces we have collected as a dealer

Print: Quality:
We strive to produce the highest quality reproductions of vintage photography available today. Our process includes high-resolution scanning of originals and retouching according to our certification standards.

Retouching Practices for Historical Photographs:
Our policy for image restoration is that nothing is to be removed from this image during the process of digital mastering that denigrates or obscures the historical value of the content. We do/may remove or correct scratches, cracks or defects that were related to the age of the original, deterioration, or other damage. In the case of architectural photography, we may also correct the perspective of the image or adjust the horizon line. We seek to make a print that is aligned with the intent of the photographer.

Hand-tinting & Coloring:
Our signature hand-tinted process by Bennett Hall goes back to 1975 when Hall produces a range of eclectic colorized views of America, some of which are available here as limited edition prints and a few originals.  This process was refined over the years through making Album covers for Huey Lewis and the News, Tom Petty, commercial and editorial work and other creative projects. 

Hand-tinting refers to the method of manually adding color to a black-and-white photograph to heighten its realism. Transparent aniline dyes are applied to the image surface using brushes by hand with the use of a magnifying glass.  Originals are then scanned and refined in Photoshop to enable the production of our limited edition prints.

Printing Types Available:
Our prints can be custom made in any size that you require and on any currently available media, photographic or architectural. We print in-house with an archival giclee print from Hewlett Packard Z3200ps which produces photographic type prints in glossy or luster surface, with an archival rating of 200 years.

Limited Edition, Hand-Signed Prints:
Studio prints are available signed by the artist, Bennett Hall, and numbered.
Prices vary with edition size and image.

Gelatin Silver photographic prints
These prints are are made in the darkroom by the photography or artist unless otherwise indicated, from negatives.

Notice of Copyright

When you purchase a print from us, you are granted the use of the image for display in your home or business. Owning the print grants the buyer no rights other than for its use as display or study. For example, it is prohibited to reproduce our images on t-shirts, books, album covers or Calendars or to make multiple copies

It is OK to use our content in your blog or Facebook page so long as you include a live link back to one of our sources location.

Images hand-tinted by Bennett Hall are copyright and all rights are reserved. No reproductions of any kind, in any media are permissible without the written permission of the copyright holder.

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